Appointment reminders & confirmation service with no software required. Upload your schedule via our website or setup auto EMR integration.


Appointment reminders consists of a call, text message & email, all 3 of which the patient can use to to confirm their appointment.


Deploy appointment reminders via phone & text message in other languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, & French.

Appointment Reminders and Confirmation Calls Via Phone Email and Text Message
Appointment Reminders and Confirmation Calls Via Phone Email and Text Message

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Appointment Reminders and Confirmation Calls Via Phone Email and Text Message

Remind your patients to ...

  • Pay copay & outstanding balances
  • Bring new insurance cards
  • Avoid eating & drinking before visit
  • Bring medication bottles
  • Pay appointment cancellation fees
  • Bring referral documents
  • Arrive early for new patient paper work

Included features ...

  • Free email & text message reminders
  • Integration with any EMR
  • Instant PDF status report online
  • Caller ID shows your office number
  • Answering machine delivery
  • Create your own script or use ours
  • Confirmations via phone, text & email
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Appointment Reminders and Confirmation Calls Via Phone Email and Text Message


What are Appointment Reminders?

An appointment reminder, also known as an appointment confirmation, is a 2 way communication between healthcare provider and patient. It shows the patient you care about their appointment and you want to see them there at your practice. An appointment reminder is a connection between provider and patient that takes form as a phone call, text message, and email which the patient can respond to by pressing a number on the phone, replying to the text message or clicking on the confirmation link sent via email.

Why Use Appointment Reminders?

Appointment reminders and confirmations allows your practice to maximize its earning potential. Unfilled appointment slots cost your practice money and time. Often appointments are booked months in advance and patients forget they even had an appointment. Why not remind your patients of their appointment with an appointment confirmation call, text and email.

Appointment Reminders in Multiple Languages

Appointment reminders and confirmations can now be sent in multiple languages. Included languages for appointment confirmations include Spanish, Italian, French, and German. At no additional cost to you, you can now send a schedule that calls certain patients with appointment confirmation calls in certain languages.

Appointment Reminders with No Software Needed

RemindMeDoc is a 100% cloud based appointment reminder & confirmation service. You don't have to install anything to start sending appointment confirmation calls, texts, and emails today. Simply click Sign Up and the top and start using our web interface today. Upload schedules through our website or setup behind the scenes schedule transfer by having your IT administrator call us.

Patient Can Confirm on the Phone, via Text Message or via Email

With RemindMeDoc appointment confirmation service, patients will receive a text message that they can reply to and confirm their appointment. This feature of 2-way appointment confirmation increases your confirmation rate. In addition the patient can also confirm their appointment when they receive their phone call reminder or email.

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