Physician Services To Enhance Your Practice in a Digital World

Appointment Reminders & More

Confirming appointments is an important strategy used by many medical offices. Missed appointments cost time and money. When patients are late, there is less time to spend with them and patients can sense this.
Reduce no-show's and inform patients of appointment cancellation fees.
Reduce no-show's and inform patients of appointment cancellation fees. The best strategy to remind patients of appointment times is to call patients when they are home. This means in the evening maybe at 8:00PM when they're actually home. Calling patients during business hours such as 4PM when they are coming home from work. Is not effective nor a productive us of time and resources. With RemindMeDoc, you can call patients up to 5 days before and allow patients to confirm their scheduled time for the next day by pressing 1. Within 30 minutes of the phone call, you can login to and see the results of each call which can be one of 5 things: Confirmed, Cancelled, Human Answered but No Action Taken, Answered but No Action Taken[answering machine] or No Answer.

Website Creation

Every practice should have a website where the public can find information on basic practice information.
Control Your Digital Footprint
This information can include pertinents such as address, phone number, physicians on staff, specialty, accepted insurances, etc. We aim to create a fully customized website for you that provides a rich user experience and shows the community that your practice is ready for the digital stage.

Social Media Profile Creation

Have you created a business page on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter?
Be Seen on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
We will do that for you. Let the community read your thoughts on medicine and tips for staying healthy. We offer personalized service to get you up and running on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter within 24 hours. Each social media page will be linked to your mydocpage. Think of us as your central command on the internet. If you are too busy to update your social media, we do it for you.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing agents will speak with you 1 on 1 to find out your practice needs and tailor your marketing to your target demographics.
Maximize Your Practice Potential
We create, manage, and provide you with knowledge on how to monitor your advertising campaign online. Have you maximized your advertising potential using Facebook, Google Ads, or mobile phone advertising? We take care of all the leg work for you. We target your online advertising dollars towards the exact demographic and geographic location of your interest. If your practice is in Florida and geared towards middle-aged men, we make sure your advertising dollars are directed there.

Downloadable Forms

Point your patients to your mydocpage before and after their appointments.
Patients Come Prepared with Pre Filled Forms
Upload a PDF of your new patient form or insurance change form that patients can download, fill out, and bring to the office. This saves your patients and you time and minimizes patients arriving with out of date or incorrect insurance information.

Appointment Scheduling

Use RemindMeDoc as a way for new and existing patients to request appointments.
Easy Scheduling and Effective Reminders
By filling out an online form that gets submitted to your office via fax or email, you simplify the new patient process. We can integrate with your current scheduling system to create an automatic scheduling process. Remind patients of their appointments with appointment reminders by phone, text message and email for 7 cents per patient.

Professional Website

Every doctor should have a professional website.
Command Your Digital Presence
We build your home on the web where patients and other interested parties can visit you. You will have your own dot com, such as Your site is part of a directory of all healthcare providers easily searchable. As an added effect to your personality on the web, we help you create and shape an inviting biography for patients to read on all of your sites. You worked hard to get where you are, share your story with not just the healthcare community but the local and nationwide community.

Negative Review Protection

Let us manage your reputation on sites that rate doctors.
Protect Your Online Reputation
Did you know you already have a website on pages like, and Many of these sites claim to give potential patients a good sense of you as a physician based on a few past patient reviews. These reviews can often be malicious and damaging. We take control of these 3rd party websites for you and block all malicious reviews. We protect and defend your online reputation on a weekly basis.
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